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Bug Fixes

  • Andariel quest bug fixed (multiplayer only)
  • Ethereal armor bug (ebug) from socketing recipe fixed
  • Council hydra damage against mercenaries/summons fixed (tied to PvP damage)
  • Trap bug fixed (traps no longer decrease the number of unique/champion packs that may spawn nearby)
  • Act 2 mercenaries no longer crash the game due to Delirium (CtC Delirium was removed from Delirium runeword, so they can't jab enemies as a fetish)
  • Mana burn bug fixed
  • Jewels with enhanced damage or min/max damage will now work correctly
  • Paladin Charge desync bug fixed
  • Cloak of Shadows will no longer crash the game at the ancients
  • All missile skills now properly benefit from skill attack rating bonuses
  • Quest items can no longer be upgraded into Hand Axes (upgrading recipe is disabled for them)
  • Lilith can no longer spawn outside the map
  • Fixed a bug which caused excess MDR to apply to physical damage if the target's Magic/elemental Damage Reduction was higher than the attack's magic/elemental damage