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This page lists errors, unintended behavior, and glitches found in PD2. Some major vanilla bugs are also listed.


Bugs introduced in PD2 due to new features

Note that both attribute ranges and lootfilters are handled by PD2's open-source version of BH, which anyone may submit improvements for.

  • Attribute ranges on tooltips are sometimes incorrect
    • Attribute ranges on the tooltips don't account for the value gained from the rune if the runeword itself adds the same mod. For example, Chains of Honor displays [35 - 45] in game, but the range is actually 50-60 since Um adds +15.
    • When multiple affixes add the same attribute, only a single affix's attribute range is shown.
    • The 50% Damage to Undead automod for blunt weapons isn't included in the attribute's range.
    • Several additional cases exist for this issue, but are not well documented.
  • Lootfilter issues:
    • The quantity shown with %QTY% doesn't update correctly sometimes when using cube recipes with stacked gems/runes.
    • If the lootfilter attempts to hide stacked gems/runes, they'll usually be loaded regardless and appear with an empty name.
    • Some items have their default color built into %NAME%, so their color won't change unless their name is rewritten completely.
    • Notification keywords bypass the normal rule-handling procedure.
    • Magic items without a prefix/suffix will have an extra space in their name where the prefix/suffix name would be, making the overall name appear slightly off-center.
    • Specific lootfilter rules can hide items that were previously shown, from simply leaving the area and returning. Not well-understood.
  • Non-Ladder has major issues (will be addressed in season 5)
    • Non-Ladder characters don't gain experience
    • Enemies in non-ladder die upon taking any amount of damage
    • Some quests may be incompletable (Act 2 staff quest?)
  • Larzuk's Puzzlebox is consumed when used with throwing weapons (it should do nothing or be unuseable for items that cannot gain sockets)
  • When some skills are used on left-click, they don't interact with exits/entrances or other objects (rebind to right-click or use weapon swap to quickly switch left-click skills)
Skills changed to work with left-click: Lightning Sentry, Mind Blast, Psychic Hammer, Battle Cry, War Cry, Raven, Summon Grizzly, Fissure, Volcano, Amplify Damage, Poison Nova, Meteor, Hydra, Static Field, Telekinesis, Nova, Teleport, Frost Nova, Blizzard

The following bugs were copied from the #known-bugs channel on PD2's Discord server:

  • having more than one item in your cube and using a worldstone shard will result in the others being destroyed
  • having two identical items in a cube during a recipe will result in the second identical item being consumed
  • cubing three Bastion Keep Maps or three Horazon's Memory Maps with a cartographers orb becomes a white axe sometimes
  • leaving uber tristram or dying in uber tristram is causing disconnects
  • barbarians are sometimes disconnecting from whirlwind or leap (happens while using the skill when transitioning into a new area)
  • some critical strike passives from character skills are not properly applying to the advanced sheet
  • cobra strike on shadow warrior and shadow master uses kick instead
  • dark wanderer map event sometimes doesn't spawn monsters (may happen when there isn't enough space)

Singleplayer-Only Bugs[edit]

  • PlugY: Having too many items in a stash page with many affixes (especially maps) can cause a crash if that page is the most recently visited stash page
  • PlugY: Having gold in the shared stash can cause issues, preventing oskills and other stats from working correctly
  • Andariel quest bug (vanilla bug - fixed in multiplayer)

Note: New endgame content will be ladder-only during the season it's introduced, so it won't be available in singleplayer during that time (e.g. Rathma in season 4)


Bugs found in vanilla and PD2

  • Multiple corpse bug - rejoining a game with more than one corpse will result in only the highest value corpse being carried over and items on all other corpses being lost
  • Corpse limit bug - only ~15 corpses can exist simultaneously, so if a player dies while wearing gear and at the corpse limit, the gear will be lost even without rejoining a game
  • IAS weapon swap bug - equipping two weapons in a specific way will make the slower weapon use the faster weapon's speed
  • Broken-offhand-whirlwind (BOW) bug - when dual-wielding and using whirlwind, if the offhand weapon is broken (0 durability) and has 1 gemmed socket (to prevent it from disappearing), the mainhand weapon is used as both the mainhand and offhand weapons
  • Failed-to-Join (FTJ) bug
  • Next-hit-always-misses (NHAM) bug
  • Strength bug - gear not visible to other players
  • Paladin Charge desync bug (can be temporarily fixed by weapon-swapping)
  • Using Cloak of Shadows while fighting the Ancients may crash the game
  • Missile-based skills (e.g. Fire Arrow) don't receive correct AR% bonuses
  • Lilith can spawn outside the map

For a more complete list of vanilla bugs, see wikis dedicated to vanilla. The Amazon Basin wiki does an especially good job, with bugs typically written in red in their relevant categories. Another example is this list of 200+ bugs that focuses on what should be fixed for D2: Resurrected.

For bugs fixed in PD2, see General Changes.