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This page lists Horadric Cube recipes and covers what has changed from the vanilla game.


merging two stackable items

Flawless Gems, Perfect Gems, and all Runes are now stackable. They can be switched between their stacked and unstacked forms by cubing them. Some other items are newly stackable as well, and those items can be stacked/unstacked in the same way. Gems and Runes cannot be inserted into equipment sockets while in their stacked forms.

Stacking/Unstacking Items
Ingredients Result
1 unstacked Gem/Rune stacked Gem/Rune
Stacked Gems/Runes of same type 1 unstacked Gem/Rune + remaining Stacked Gems/Runes

There are also convenient shortcuts for stacking/unstacking items without using cube recipes:

  • ctrl+shift+click - switches a single item between stacked/unstacked forms
  • ctrl+click (while holding item) - places an item in stacked form
  • ctrl+shift+click (while holding item) - places an item in unstacked form

Gear Modification

These recipes modify items - affixes on ingredient items are preserved.

Socketing Recipes

Sockets can only be added to helms, chests, shields, or non-throwing weapons that do not already have sockets. The maximum sockets an item can get will always be restricted by the item base. Items with existing sockets cannot gain additional sockets in any way, so these recipes won't work on them.

Puzzlebox in Cube.png

New Items:

  • Larzuk's Puzzlebox - droprate similar to a high rune (same TC as Gul/Vex)
  • Larzuk's Puzzlepiece - droprate similar to Mal
  • Larzuk's Malus - can be purchased from Larzuk
Ingredients Result
Ral Rune + Amn Rune + Perfect Amethyst + Standard Regular Weapon Adds 1-6 sockets to the Weapon
Tal Rune + Amn Rune + Perfect Ruby + Standard Regular Shield Adds 1-4 sockets to the Shield
Tal Rune + Thul Rune + Perfect Topaz + Standard Regular Chest Adds 1-4 sockets to the Chest
Ral Rune + Thul Rune + Perfect Sapphire + Standard Regular Helm Adds 1-3 sockets to the Helm
Hel Rune + Scroll of Town Portal + Any Socketed Item Destroys gems/runes/jewels in the Item
Larzuk's Puzzlebox + Two-Handed Weapon Adds 2-4 sockets to the Item
Larzuk's Puzzlebox + Other Item Adds 1-2 sockets to the Item
Larzuk's Puzzlepiece + Non-Unique/Non-Set Two-Handed Weapon Adds 2-4 sockets to the Item
Larzuk's Puzzlepiece + Non-Unique/Non-Set Other Item Adds 1-2 sockets to the Item
Larzuk's Malus + Item Adds 1 socket to the Item
  • The socketing recipes for regular items only work with "standard" items (not superior or inferior) and the eth bug involving them has been fixed in PD2
  • The socketing recipes for regular items each roll 1-6 sockets with equal chances, but the actual number of sockets added will still be limited by the item base (e.g. Grim Helm will get 1 socket 1/6 of the time and 2 sockets 5/6 of the time)
  • The recipes utilizing Larzuk's Puzzlebox and Larzuk's Puzzlepiece have equal chances for each resulting number of sockets

In addition to these recipes, corruptions also have a chance to add sockets. Note that items can get sockets from these recipes and also get corruption modifiers - they aren't limited to one or the other.

Besides recipes, the first quest in Act 5 (Siege on Harrogath) offers another way to get sockets. Larzuk will reward the player by adding sockets to an item of their choice:

  • Regular items receive the maximum amount of sockets (depends on the base and ilvl)
  • Magic items receive 1-2 sockets (equal chance for either outcome)
  • Other items (Rare/Crafted/Set/Unique) receive 1 socket

Upgrading Recipes

Set items and crafted items can now be upgraded. Set items use the same recipes as unique items, and crafted items use the same recipes as rare items. These recipes upgrade the item's base and do not affect item affixes.

Item requirements will be increased according to the item's new base. In vanilla, the required level was also increased further by +5/+7 (exceptional/elite) but this is not the case in PD2.

Ingredients Result
Ral Rune + Sol Rune + Perfect Emerald + Normal Unique/Set Weapon Exceptional Version of Weapon
Tal Rune + Shael Rune + Perfect Diamond + Normal Unique/Set Armor Exceptional Version of Armor
Lum Rune + Pul Rune + Perfect Emerald + Exceptional Unique/Set Weapon Elite Version of Weapon
Ko Rune + Lem Rune + Perfect Diamond + Exceptional Unique/Set Armor Elite Version of Armor
Ort Rune + Amn Rune + Perfect Sapphire + Normal Rare/Crafted Weapon Exceptional Version of Weapon
Ral Rune + Thul Rune + Perfect Amethyst + Normal Rare/Crafted Armor Exceptional Version of Armor
Fal Rune + Um Rune + Perfect Sapphire + Exceptional Rare/Crafted Weapon Elite Version of Weapon
Ko Rune + Pul Rune + Perfect Amethyst + Exceptional Rare/Crafted Armor Elite Version of Armor
  • Although armor with Enhanced Defense normally has base defense set to its maximum value + 1, upgraded armor with Enhanced Defense has its base defense value randomly selected again.
  • Upgrading ethereal items will not increase their current durability according to however much their maximum durability increases - their current durability may actually be reduced by a seemingly random amount.
  • Unlike vanilla, upgrading a Circlet will turn it into a Coronet instead of the exceptional version (Tiara)

Other Modification Recipes

The repairing recipes have been merged, and now repair and recharge items without requiring any gems. There's also a new recipe that can be used to repair any item, including ethereal items.

New Items:

  • Vial of Lightsong can drop from any enemy (1:7.5 million chance)
  • Lilith's Mirror can drop from any enemy (1:25 million chance)
Ingredients Result Notes
Ort Rune + non-ethereal Weapon Repaired/Recharged Weapon used to require a Chipped Gem
Ral Rune + non-ethereal Armor Repaired/Recharged Armor used to require a Flawed Gem
Zod Rune + Perfect Skull + Item Repaired/Recharged Item works with ethereal items
Vial of Lightsong + Item Item becomes ethereal doesn't work with set items or items that lack durability (indestructible items)
Lilith's Mirror + Item Item is duplicated only works with magic/rare equipment and jewels
* the items are marked as "mirrored" and cannot be used in any cube recipes
* their color palettes are changed to white & black (except jewels)

Mirrored jewels apply their "mirrored" status to any item they're inserted into - the targeted item cannot be used in cube recipes. Mirrored jewels retain their original color palette, but will modify the color palette of the item they're inserted into as follows:

  • upper jewel: white
  • lower jewel: black
  • 2 lower jewels: red
  • 3 lower jewels: green
  • 4 lower jewels: gold
  • upper jewel with any number of additional upper/lower jewels: silver

Note: "upper" and "lower" refer to where the jewels appeared in the cube after being mirrored, and are often used interchangeably with "white" and "black", respectively.

Gear Creation

These recipes create new items - any affixes on ingredient items are not preserved.

Equipment Creation Recipes

Recipes for creating arrows from multiple bolts and creating bolts from multiple arrows have been removed.

Ingredients Result Notes
Staff of Kings + Amulet of the Viper Horadric Staff
Khalim's Flail + Khalim's Eye + Khalim's Brain + Khalim's Heart Khalim's Will
2 Regular Arrows or 2 Regular Bolts Regular quiver of the opposite type
Any spear + Arrows Regular Javelin
Any axe + Any dagger Regular Throwing Axe
Low Quality Regular Armor + El Rune + Chipped Gem Standard Quality Regular Armor of same type (ilvl = 1)
Low Quality Regular Weapon + Eld Rune + Chipped Gem Standard Quality Regular Weapon of same type (ilvl = 1)
Magic Weapon + 3 Chipped Gems Magic Weapon of same type with 1-2 sockets (ilvl = 25)
Socketed Weapon + 3 Normal Gems Magic Weapon of same type with 1-2 sockets (ilvl = 30)
Magic Weapon + 3 Flawless Gems Magic Weapon of same type with 1-2 sockets (ilvl = 30)
Magic Ring + Perfect Emerald + Antidote Potion Magic Jade Ring (ilvl = 30) Jade = Poison Resist +[21-30]%
Magic Ring + Perfect Ruby + Exploding Potion Magic Garnet Ring (ilvl = 30) Garnet = Fire Resist +[21-30]%
Magic Ring + Perfect Topaz + Rejuvenation Potion Magic Coral Ring (ilvl = 30) Coral = Lightning Resist +[21-30]%
Magic Ring + Perfect Sapphire + Thawing Potion Magic Cobalt Ring (ilvl = 30) Cobalt = Sapphire Resist +[21-30]%
Magic Sword + Any ruby + Any 4 health potions Magic Sword of the Leech (same type, ilvl = 30) of the Leech = [4-5]% Life Stolen per Hit
Magic Shield + Any Spiked Club + Any 2 skulls Magic Shield of Spikes (same type, ilvl = 30) of Spikes = Attacker Takes Damage of [4-6]
Any Kris + Any staff + Any belt + Any diamond Magic Savage Polearm (random type, ilvl = 50) Savage = +[66-80]% Enhanced Damage
Magic Amulet + 6 Perfect Gems (1 of each type except skull) Magic Prismatic Amulet (ilvl = 50) Prismatic = All Resistances +[16-20]
3 Magic Amulets Magic Ring (ilvl = [clvl*0.75])
3 Magic Rings Magic Amulet (ilvl = [clvl*0.75])
Magic Item + 3 Perfect Gems Magic Item of same type (same ilvl) cannot be used with corrupted items or maps
Rare Item + 6 Perfect Skulls Rare Item of same type (ilvl = [clvl*0.4] + [ilvl*0.4]) cannot be used with corrupted items or maps
  • Bracketed formula ilvl values are rounded down


  • Rerolling magic items with perfect gems is a good way to get more opportunities at getting specific magic items. Magic items aren't typically competitive with other options, but magic charms have no alternatives so they're a popular choice for rerolling - grand charms are especially useful if they get +1 to a class skill tab.
  • Rerolling rare items with perfect skulls is a good way to get more opportunities at getting specific rare items. The ilvl will be reduced each time, so it's most effective on high level characters with high level items - it's particularly effective with items that have few useful high-level affixes (like rings) or Diadems since their high qlvl/mlvl completely counteracts lower ilvls. With repeated rerolling for other items, the ilvl can stabilize as high as ilvl 65 with a level 98+ character.

Imbuing Items

Besides recipes, the fifth quest in Act 1 (Tools of the Trade) offers another way to generate rare items. After returning the Horadric Malus, Charsi will imbue a zero-socket regular item of the player's choice. The imbued item will become a new rare item of the same type and have the same possible affixes (indistinguishable from "typical" rares except if it's Wirt's Leg), although there are some differences in the item generation:
imbued ilvl = clvl + 4 (capped at 99)
  • if an ethereal item is imbued, the resulting item will also be ethereal (no other item stats matter)
  • if the item is capable of getting pointmods (staffmods), it will have much better chances than usual to get pointmods and for those pointmods to be higher level (+3 to multiple skills)
Note: Pointmod chances are increased based on the character's level, up to level 94
Popular imbue targets are diadems for characters of any level and pointmod-capable items for level 71+ characters. Imbuing other items at lower levels can result in useable items, but will usually prevent the best affixes from having a chance to appear.
While normally considered a downside, corruptions also have a chance to turn items into rares.

Promotion Recipes

promoting stacked items

The gem-promoting recipes are the same except the recipe for promoting Flawless Gems, which now requires a key in addition to the gems.

Promoting Gems
Ingredients Result
3 Chipped Gems of same type Flawed Gem of same type
3 Flawed Gems of same type Normal Gem of same type
3 Normal Gems of same type Flawless Gem of same type
3+ Flawless Gems of same type + Key 1+ Perfect Gems of same type
  • When additional flawless gems are included (up to 48), multiple perfect gems will be produced at the same 3:1 ratio (up to 16)
  • Flawless gems can only be promoted if they are in their stacked form - this may be an oversight and get updated in the future

The rune-promoting recipes now require a key in addition to the runes. These recipes no longer require any gems.

Promoting Runes
Ingredients Result Notes
3 El Runes (#1) + Key 1 Eld Rune (#2)
3 Eld Runes (#2) + Key 1 Tir Rune (#3)
3 Tir Runes (#3) + Key 1 Nef Rune (#4)
3 Nef Runes (#4) + Key 1 Eth Rune (#5)
3 Eth Runes (#5) + Key 1 Ith Rune (#6)
3 Ith Runes (#6) + Key 1 Tal Rune (#7)
3 Tal Runes (#7) + Key 1 Ral Rune (#8)
3 Ral Runes (#8) + Key 1 Ort Rune (#9)
3 Ort Runes (#9) + Key 1 Thul Rune (#10)
3 Thul Runes (#10) + Key 1 Amn Rune (#11) used to require Chipped Topaz
3 Amn Runes (#11) + Key 1 Sol Rune (#12) used to require Chipped Amethyst
3 Sol Runes (#12) + Key 1 Shael Rune (#13) used to require Chipped Sapphire
3 Shael Runes (#13) + Key 1 Dol Rune (#14) used to require Chipped Ruby
3 Dol Runes (#14) + Key 1 Hel Rune (#15) used to require Chipped Emerald
3 Hel Runes (#15) + Key 1 Io Rune (#16) used to require Chipped Diamond
3 Io Runes (#16) + Key 1 Lum Rune (#17) used to require Flawed Topaz
3 Lum Runes (#17) + Key 1 Ko Rune (#18) used to require Flawed Amethyst
3 Ko Runes (#18) + Key 1 Fal Rune (#19) used to require Flawed Sapphire
3 Fal Runes (#19) + Key 1 Lem Rune (#20) used to require Flawed Ruby
3 Lem Runes (#20) + Key 1 Pul Rune (#21) used to require Flawed Emerald
2 Pul Runes (#21) + Key 1 Um Rune (#22) used to require Flawed Diamond
2 Um Runes (#22) + Key 1 Mal Rune (#23) used to require Topaz
2 Mal Runes (#23) + Key 1 Ist Rune (#24) used to require Amethyst
2 Ist Runes (#24) + Key 1 Gul Rune (#25) used to require Sapphire
2 Gul Runes (#25) + Key 1 Vex Rune (#26) used to require Ruby
2 Vex Runes (#26) + Key 1 Ohm Rune (#27) used to require Emerald
2 Ohm Runes (#27) + Key 1 Lo Rune (#28) used to require Diamond
2 Lo Runes (#28) + Key 1 Sur Rune (#29) used to require Flawless Topaz
2 Sur Runes (#29) + Key 1 Ber Rune (#30) used to require Flawless Amethyst
2 Ber Runes (#30) + Key 1 Jah Rune (#31) used to require Flawless Sapphire
2 Jah Runes (#31) + Key 1 Cham Rune (#32) used to require Flawless Ruby
2 Cham Runes (#32) + Key 1 Zod Rune (#33) used to require Flawless Emerald


Breakdown Recipes

Ingredients Result
1-15 Jewels + Key 1-15 Jewel Fragments
1-7 Hellfire Torches + Key 1-7 Hellfire Ashes

Jewel Fragments and Hellfire Ashes are new items - they have no affixes and cannot grant any stats, but can stack up to 50 and be used in the same way as recipe ingredients.


Ingredients Result
Strangling Gas Potion + Any health potion Antidote Potion
Any 3 health potions + Any 3 mana potions + Chipped Gem Rejuvenation Potion
Any 3 health potions + Any 3 mana potions + Normal Gem Full Rejuvenation Potion
3 Rejuvenation Potions Full Rejuvenation Potion


Ingredients Result
Twisted Essence of Suffering + Charged Essence of Hatred + Burning Essence of Terror + Festering Essence of Destruction Token of Absolution

Essences can now drop from bosses in Nightmare difficulty as well as Hell difficulty. (same drop chances)

  • Token of Absolution resets character skills/stats
    • Twisted Essence of Suffering drops from Andariel/Duriel (~16.1%/~21.3% chance)
    • Charged Essence of Hatred drops from Mephisto (~8.3% chance)
    • Burning Essence of Terror drops from Diablo (~8.3% chance)
    • Festering Essence of Destruction drops from Baal (~8.3% chance)


Ingredients Result Notes
Wirt's Leg + Tome of Town Portal Opens a portal to the Moo Moo Farm (Secret Cow Level) Only works in the Rogue Encampment (Act 1 town) with a character that has defeated Baal in the current difficulty
Key of Terror + Key of Hate + Key of Destruction Opens a portal to one of the mini-uber zones (Furnace of Pain, Matron's Den, Forgotten Sands) Only works in Harrogath (Act 5 town) in Hell difficulty; which zone the portal opens is random, but they will not repeat if opened in the same game

Killing the Cow King will no longer prevent you from opening the Secret Cow Level.

Uber Keys now have slightly different colors to help differentiate them, and are now also dropped by Blood Raven, Bloodwitch, and Izual in Hell difficulty. They can also be dropped during the Spire of Darkness event in maps.

Uber Access

Ingredients Result
Sigil of Madawc + Sigil of Talic + Sigil of Korlic Relic of the Ancients
Any 3 uber organs (Mephisto's Brain, Diablo's Horn, Baal's Eye) + Key Pandemonium Talisman
Prime Evil Soul + Black Soulstone + Pure Demonic Essence Vision of Terror
Trang-Oul's Jawbone + Splinter of the Void + Hellfire Ashes or Hellfire Torch Voidstone

Relic of the Ancients, Pandemonium Talisman, Vision of Terror, Voidstone, and all their ingredients (except the uber organs and Hellfire Torch) are new items.

Characters can no longer freely exit/re-enter Uber Tristram while enemies remain within, and the same applies to the new Diablo-Clone fight. Note that only 1 uber zone (or map) may be opened per game.

  • Relic of the Ancients grants access to Uber Ancients for all players near the blood fountain
    • Sigil of Madawc drops from T1 map monsters (1:6400 chance)
    • Sigil of Talic drops from T2 map monsters (1:6400 chance)
    • Sigil of Korlic drops from T3 map monsters (1:6400 chance)
  • Pandemonium Talisman grants access to Uber Tristram for all players near the blood fountain (replaces the direct portal that used to be made with 1 of each uber organ)
    • Mephisto's Brain drops from Uber Izual in the Furnace of Pain
    • Diablo's Horn drops from Lilith (sometimes referred to as Uber Andariel) in the Matron's Den
    • Baal's Eye drops from Uber Duriel in the Forgotten Sands
  • Vision of Terror grants access to the new Diablo-Clone fight for all players near the blood fountain (DClone no longer randomly appears when Stones of Jordan are sold to merchants)
    • Prime Evil Soul drops from Mephisto/Diablo/Baal in Hell difficulty (unconfirmed chance - was 1:85 from Mephisto, 1:65 from Diablo, 1:40 from Baal)
    • Black Soulstone drops from Uber Tristram bosses (12% chance per uber boss - unconfirmed)
    • Pure Demonic Essence drops from Map bosses (unconfirmed chance - was about 2%?)
  • Voidstone grants access to Rathma
    • Splinter of the Void drops from Shadow of Mendeln map event (40% chance - unconfirmed)
    • Trang-Oul's Jawbone drops from undead enemies (1:45k chance in Hell, 3x/9x rarer in Nightmare/Normal - unconfirmed)
    • Hellfire Ashes or Hellfire Torch (the former is just a stackable ingredient version of the latter)

Uber Difficulty

Ingredients Result
Item* + 1 Vex/Ohm/Lo/Sur Rune Item with difficulty level 1
Item* + 1 Ber/Jah/Cham/Zod Rune Item with difficulty level 2

Each difficulty level provides a higher chance of getting exclusive unique items from Diablo-Clone or Rathma when defeating them. If the item doesn't have a difficulty level, there is zero chance for such exclusive items to drop, although the fights are significantly easier. Difficulty level 1 is the same difficulty as previous seasons.

Legacy Recipes
Ingredients Result
3 Perfect Skulls + Stone of Jordan + Rare Item Adds 1 socket to the Item

While still available in the game, this recipe is included here instead of the main Socket Recipes section due to its irrelevance. It was introduced prior to the LoD expansion as an item sink for duped SoJs and later became mostly obsolete with the introduction of Larzuk's quest in the expansion. The recipe is even less useful in PD2 since there is a new recipe with the same result that uses a new item (Larzuk's Malus) which is nearly trivial to obtain, along with the extreme rarity of SoJs due to the practice of item duping never taking hold here.

Ingredients Result Notes
Rare Item + Perfect Skull + Stone of Jordan Rare Item of same type (ilvl = [clvl*0.66] + [ilvl*0.66]) cannot be used with corrupted items
not worth using in PD2 since SoJs aren't common

This recipe is still in the game and actually does something that no other recipe does exactly, but it's still irrelevant due to the rarity of SoJs in PD2.

Ingredients Result
2 Ancient Bone Fragments + Hellfire Torch Trang-Oul's Jawbone

Ancient Bone Fragments were added to the game during the third week of Season 4 as a stopgap measure to increase the supply of Trang-Oul's Jawbone. As of Season 5, they are no longer spawnable. For anyone who may still have them in singleplayer or non-ladder, this recipe still works.

Lilith's Mirror was introduced in Season 5 and worked with items of all rarities. As of season 6, it can no longer be used with crafted, set, or unique items.


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