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Aside from Item Filtering, there are 3 files that have customization options:

  • ProjectDiablo.cfg
  • UI.ini
  • ddraw.ini

These files are in the ProjectD2 directory (C:\Program Files (x86)\Diablo II\ProjectD2). They can be edited with any text editor, although the editor may need to be run in administrator mode.


This configuration file contains the bulk of customization options that affect gameplay. Many hotkeys can be set here using standard virtual-key codes. It's essentially a more comprehensive version of the in-game Settings menu, containing most of those options and more.

Some examples of the available options:

  • Reload Config - hotkey to reload loot filter changes
  • Screen Info Configuration - determines how the info in the upper right corner is displayed. Use %REALTIME% command to show your local time on screen info.
  • Gamefilter Configuration - determines how fast the game list refreshes, and whether difficulty & server is shown
  • Bnet Configuration - determines whether game name/password/description are autofilled
  • Party Configuration - hotkeys for auto-party (join/invite others) and auto-loot (permission to loot corpse)


This file describes where the Settings menu is displayed in-game.


This file has options for adjusting video and compatibility settings, such as fullscreen, resolution, or CPU affinity.

Within this file you can also define which shader you want to use. For differences between each shader, see: Shader Comparison

Also see FAQ: How to play PD2 in windowed mode at high resolution?