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Item Bases:

  • Ethereal bonus reduced from 50% to 25% (most exceptional/elite weapons rebalanced so that eth stats remain the same)
  • Ethereal items no longer have half durability
  • Throwing weapons and arrows/bolts have unlimited quantity
  • All claws can now have pointmods
  • Clubs can now have Druid pointmods (similar to pelts)
  • Quivers can now be magic or rare
  • Melee weapons now deal splash damage
  • Staves have 10%/30%/50% FCR as an automod (normal/exceptional/elite)
  • Crossbows have 10% Physical Pierce as an automod
  • Daggers have 20% Deadly Strike as an automod
  • Removed hidden movespeed penalty from medium/heavy chests and shields
  • Paladin shield automod "All Resistances" ranges reduced (maximum 30% instead of 45%)
  • Kick damage of boots adjusted
  • Damage bonus from Strength/Dexterity adjusted for several weapon types
  • Base damage for normal/exceptional/elite weapons increased on average by ~4%/~42%/~24%
  • Attack speed (WSM) for Amazon spears improved by 10
  • Melee range increased for many weapon bases
  • Base defense and block chance increased for Ward/Aegis
  • Maximum sockets increased for several weapon bases and Necromancer shields
  • Durability increased for all weapons