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Spoilers from Dev Stream #6 (2022-05-28)

  • Zenith runeword will be makeable in all bows (instead of just amazon bows) as well as spears/polearms
  • Druid spirits/vines will no longer be targetable or damageable - they won't aggro enemies or block/collide with enemies
Note: Many of the items that were changed to grant spirit oskills will be reverted back to granting spirit charges instead
  • When saving Anya in Hell difficulty, she'll reward you with a random common T1 map in addition to a random rare class item
  • There will be more of a difference in difficulty between T1/T2/T3 maps, with lower tiers more entry-player-friendly
  • New T1 map showcased with cave/catacomb theme (tentatively named "Royal Crypts" and planning to have King Leoric as a boss) (item code = t15)
  • New T2 map showcased again with fixed textures (tentatively named "Shadows of Westmarch") (item code = t26)
  • Map affixes with "monsters have +X% of physical damage as extra elemental/magic damage" will be fixed (they were mistakenly applying to base damage which resulted in much higher damage than intended for certain monsters)
  • Move Only skill will no longer halt movement after name-locking enemies
  • Whirlwind will no longer halt movement or use a basic attack when name-locking enemies, and will move through name-locked enemies instead of stopping slightly before hitting them (this also fixes whirlwind desync in PvP)
  • Regenerating skill charges (like Blink on Enigma) will regenerate 4x as quickly in PvP arenas
  • New leveling runeword Neophyte (Hel+Tir) for orbs/clubs/scepters/staves
  • Charm Improvements:
    • Large charms will roll 2-4% elemental damage instead of 1-3%
    • Elemental damage on charms will be rebalanced so that each element has more similar average damage (all elemental damage except lightning on small charms will be buffed)
    • Elemental damage on charms will be normalized based on inventory spaces used
      • Large charms will be able to have 2x the elemental damage of small charms
      • Grand charms will be able to have 2.7x the elemental damage of small charms (10% less than 3x since GCs are more convenient/popular)
    • Adjusting level requirements of elemental damage affixes on small/large/grand charms to to be in ascending order instead of the reverse (currently small charms have the highest requirements and grand charms have the lowest)
  • Elemental damage affixes for jewels and weapons will also be improved
  • Poison damage affixes on items will be rebalanced & standardized so they all have 2 second durations, and poison dps will be increased
  • Magefist will be reverted to only grant +1 to fire skills instead of any element as part of an effort to increase diversity
  • Infinity (staff version) will have 15% chance to cast level 20 Lightning on casting
  • Other staves (like Doom) will have yet-to-be-spoiled ctc-on-casting effects
  • Prayer will have a mana cost again but will heal more
  • New dungeon showcased (tentatively named "Sanctuary of Sin" with a downstairs area named "Black Abyss") (item code = t43)
  • Certain skills will no longer try using a basic attack when out of mana: Fist of the Heavens, Holy Shield, Charge, Whirlwind
  • Hydra will be getting nerfed somehow (no details)
  • Bash will have Concentrate instead of Berserk as a synergy
  • Hurricane will have the Twister synergy removed and the other synergies increased from 8% to 12%
  • Armageddon will have the Fissure synergy removed and the other synergies increased from 8% to 12%