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Spoilers from Dev Stream #5 (2022-05-21)

  • Season 5 will begin June 24th
  • Paladin auras can be used on left click
    • Allows using right click for attacks without sacrificing functionality & quality-of-life
    • Helps separate buttons for attacking, moving, and picking up items
    • Can currently use 2 auras simultaneously, which means being unable to use other skills (may stay that way since it's a huge downside)
  • Both left click and right click skills no longer halt movement after killing name-locked enemies (similar to how right click skills worked with non-name-locked enemies)
    • Also applies to clickables like loose boulders & chests (previously halted after left clicking them)
    • Also fixes the Charge bug
  • Almost every Hell-difficulty zone that isn't an area walked through for quests or connected to a waypoint will be level 85
  • New druid pelt - Ursa's Nightmare (base code = drf)
  • New leveling runeword with high IAS - Rampage (Shael El Ith Shael) for spears/polearms/staves
  • Area level is now shown in the top right next to the area name
  • Feral Rage now adds +20% increased melee splash radius (+1 range) when charged up
  • Martial arts skill charges now reset before the 1st stage of the next cycle rather than after the 3rd stage of the current cycle (allows finishers to use charges from all 3 stages instead of just 2)
  • One of the new maps (T2) by Alma showcased briefly
  • New Uber Ancients with scalable difficulty (can choose to fight 1, 2 or all 3 ancients)
    • Different tokens drop fairly frequently in T1/T2/T3 maps which need to be combined to access the encounter
    • Rewards experience and random loot (similar to Baal) based on the number of ancients defeated (currently testing loot drops equivalent to 5/7/9 baal kills)
    • Will probably be available in non-ladder too (meaning no difference between ladder and non-ladder other than the reset)
  • Find Item will get +1% synergy from Find Potion
  • Blood Warp is now a level 24 skill and has Blood Golem as a prerequisite skill
  • Fire Golem damage scaling will be improved