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Spoilers from Dev Stream #1 (2022-03-12)

Stream highlights:

  • shared stash tabs (1 personal tab per character, 9 shared tabs) - multiplayer only since singleplayer already has shared stash tabs via PlugY
  • non-ladder support, starting with S4 characters becoming NL at the start of S5
note: in the future, items in shared stash tabs won't transfer to non-ladder
  • buff icons that visually show remaining duration, charge-up stages (e.g. martial skills, frenzy), remaining mitigation (e.g. bone armor, cyclone armor)
  • auto gold pickup will grab multiple gold stacks simultaneously instead of one at a time
  • characters' max resists will be 90 (was 95)
  • maps will be P5 again (was P3)
  • 3 new maps
  • dclone & rathma ingredients will have drastically increased droprates
  • reduce the gap between non-eth and ethereal weapons - normal/exceptional/elite weapons will be buffed to have +0%/+15%/+25% ED built into their base damage, eth weapons will have +25% ED on top of that instead of +50%
  • -% phys res will be applied per weapon (won't stack when dual-wielding)
  • unrevealed "new endgame challenge" that will have "a customizable difficulty" (these kinds of new endgame challenges will be ladder-only during the season they're introduced)
  • gamble refresh button
  • runewords from D2R's 2.4 patch (may be adjusted for balance reasons)
    • Unbending Will (6-socket sword)
    • Wisdom (3-socket helm)
    • Obsession (6-socket staff)
    • Flickering Flame (3-socket helm)
    • Mist (5-socket bow/crossbow)
  • 5 new unique items (planning to have roughly 10 total)
    • Occultist (crusader gauntlets) (base code = utg)
    • Odium (colossus sword) (base code = 7fb)
    • Zerae's Resolve (matriarchal pike) (base code = ame)
    • Merman's Sprocket (wyrmhide boots) (base code = ulb)
    • Martyrdom (overseer skull) (base code = ned)
  • considering doing a mini race league before S5, since S5 won't be ~4 months after the start of S4 (S5 is planned for ~2 months after D2R's upcoming ladder)
  • cosmetic rewards will be account-based and togglable with a chat command instead of coming from charms