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  • Clawblock is no longer bugged (was previously blocking twice while stationary or attacking)
  • Orb of Destruction no longer requires a hel rune for Tier 1 and Tier 2 Maps
  • Reziarfg's Lair has been renamed to The Lost Temple
  • The Lost Temple (previously Reziarfg's Lair) now has 22.5% more elites
  • Plains of Torment now has 18% less elite and unique monsters
  • Reduced the brightness on the Canyon of Sescheron map
  • Slightly reduced the brightness on the Phlegethon map
  • Torajon Jungle has had the invisible walls around the boss fixed
  • Horazon's Memory now has melee doom knights again instead of only casters
  • Fixed some tile areas in the throne of insanity being unwalkable
  • The Pandemonium Citadel boss's fire walls now have next hit delay and deal less damage
  • Ancestral Trial boss's blizzard now deals less damage
  • The Butcher's magic find bonus has been increased from 200% to 250% and his gold find bonus increased from 400% to 500%
  • Rathma items will now properly drop
  • Trang-Oul's Jawbone droprate has been increased from 1:750k chance to drop from undead to 1:300k in hell
  • Ancient Bone Fragment droprate increased from 1:250k to 1:100k in hell