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  • You can now press '9' to resync your character with the server, this key can be changed in the loot filter settings menu in-game.
  • Mercenary AI has once again been improved
  • Grim's Burning Dead will now properly display that it grants an additional 8 skeleton mages from 6
  • Valkyries will now properly regenerate their health
  • Decoy will now display how many decoys you have alive
  • Amazon's Critical Strike tooltip now properly displays 1.5x damage from 2x
  • Tier 2 map magic and gold find modifiers now provide +5% more magic and gold find
  • Tier 3 map magic and gold find modifiers now provide +10% more magic and gold find
  • Kehjistan Marketplace fire towers experience reduced from 300 each to 250
  • Kehjistan Marketplace will now be its proper 89 area level
  • Resistances on Tier 1 and Tier 2 maps have been modified to be much more friendly to solo element players
    • Ruins of Viz-Jun sucker fire resistance reduced from 130 to 75
    • Horazon's Memory flying scimitars lightning resist reduced from 120 to 100
    • Horazon's Memory frozen scorchs cold resist reduced from 180 to 80
    • Bastion Keep desert wings fire resist reduced from 110 from 75
    • Bastion Keep moon clan cold resist reduced from 140 from 85
    • Tomb of Zoltun Kulle arach fire resist reduced from 140 to 85
    • Arreat Battlefield night clan lightning resist reduced from 110 to 85
    • Phlegethon hell cat cold resist reduced from 120 to 80
    • Sewers of Harrogath sand maggots cold resist reduced from 135 to 85
  • Sewers of Harrogath will now be its proper 88 area level
  • Corrupted Souls will no longer bug from knockback and stun sources
  • Rathma will no longer desync players with bone prison
  • Increased the droprate of Trang-Oul's Jawbone
  • Added a new item Ancient Bone Fragments. You may now cube three of these plus a Hellfire Torch to create a Trang-Oul's Jawbone (Item Code: rtmf)