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  • The new uber, Rathma, has been released. The first three players of each class to kill Rathma will be rewarded with a cosmetic trophy charm.
  • You can now unstack Trang-Oul's Jawbones using the cube
  • Further improvements have been made to summon AI
  • Maps can once again drop as white rarity
  • Fixed needing to have killed ancients to enter PVP arena maps
  • Fixed being able to use the Pandemonium Talisman twice in the same game
  • Fara and Lycander have been switched back to their vanilla locations
  • Dungeon monsters can no longer be revived
  • Dungeon monster corpses can no longer be summoned using Desecrate
  • Any player-owned summons have had their resistances capped to 90
  • Increased density and experience in Reziarfg's Lair
  • Increased experience in Fall of Caldeum
  • Fire Tower experience has been reduced by 10%
  • Radament is no longer able to spawn from Dark Wanderer map event
  • Fixed an issue where Dark Wanderer map event sometimes don't drop Worldstone Shards
  • Horazon Map event maps should now properly apply their density modifiers
  • Fixed Horazon map portal sometimes not working
  • The Butcher is no longer a prime evil (less damaging to summons)
  • Shadow of Mendeln event has its difficulty reduced
  • Maps can no longer change tiers from corruptions
  • Maps can no longer brick from corruptions (these two combined means maps will always roll a bonus affix when corrupted)
  • Fixed automaps from different maps overlapping