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    • Worldstone Shard(wss) - transmute twice in cube with an item to receive additional attributes/sockets or turn it into rare(brick)
    • Larzuk's Puzzlebox - transmute with item to create sockets
    • Prime Evil Soul - Drops from Hell difficulty Diablo or Baal
    • Black Soulstone - Drops from a completed Uber Tristram
    • Pure Demonic Essence - Drops from Map Bosses
    • Vision of Terror - Transmute in cube Prime Evil Soul + Black Soulstone + Pure Demonic Essence, opens portal to Diablo Clone
    • Zakarum Orb that turns white map into rare map
    • Angelic Orb that turns blue map into rare map
    • Horadrim Orb that rerolls yellow map
    • Orb of Destruction that turns map into white map