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  • Mercenaries can now equip gloves, belts, boots
  • Rogue mercenaries from act 1 can now equip crossbows
  • Barbarian mercenaries from act 5 can now equip axes and maces
  • Mercenaries now show which auras they provide at vendors
  • All mercenaries have the same aura on Normal, Nightmare, Hell difficulty
  • Aura changes:
    • Act 1
      • Fire arrow now have Vigor aura (from merc lvl 18)
      • Cold arrow now have Meditation aura (from merc lvl 24)
    • Act 2
      • Holy freeze aura on defense mercenaries removed, now its always Defiance aura
      • Prayer aura on combat mercenaries removed, now its always Thorns aura
      • Might aura on offensive mercenaries removed, now its always Blessed Aim aura
    • Act 3
      • Fire now have Cleansing aura
      • Cold now have Prayer aura
      • Lightning now have Holy Shock aura and Static Field skill
    • Act 5
      • Barbarians now have Might aura