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  • Martial Arts
    • Martial Arts has been completely reworked and now functions the following way:
      • Martial Arts has been reworked to cast the stage of the skill you are on when you attack with that skill so if a player has two charges they will use the second charge of that skill on attack and on the third attack they will use the third and reset back to 1. This converts the charge system to a "stage" system where your attacks are based on the amount of charges you have or the "stage" you are on and cycle from stages 1-3 and repeat. Finishers are no longer required however if you use one you will cast every stage of every charge you have generated. Charges are also universal so you can combo from stage 1 fists of fire into stage 2 blades of ice and finish with stage 3 cobra strike then begin a new combo string
      • Cobra Strike has been reworked to cast 'poison teeth' on stage 1, dual leech on stage 2, and a poison cloud on stage 3 (these attacks carry Venom damage and poison damage from gear)
    • Dragon Tail and Dragon Talon now properly synergise
  • Shadow Disciplines
    • Claw and Dagger Mastery increased from 4% to 8%
    • Psychic Hammer synergies reduced from 18% to 15%
    • Mind Blast starting AoE reduced by 1 and max AoE by 1
    • Venom now lasts 5 minutes at all levels
    • Cloak of shadows now reduces defense by 1% per level instead of 3%
  • Traps
    • Traps now gain +% and -% elemental bonuses this includes facets
    • Blade Sentinel synergies increased from 6% to 10%
    • Blade Sentinel ¼ weapon damage increased to ¾
    • Wake of Fires Level 8-16 scaling increased from 5 per level to 6 per level
    • Wake of Fires Level 16-22 scaling increased from 15 per level to 16 per level
    • Wake of Fires Level 22-28 scaling reduced from 27 per level to 24 per level
    • Wake of Fires Level 28+ scaling reduced from 39 per level to 32 per level
    • Wake of Fire synergies reduced from 10% to 8%
    • Wake of Fire now properly shoots 8 times instead of 5
    • Wake of Fire damage tooltip now shows in the character screen
    • Fixed the tooltip on Inferno Sentry
    • Death Sentry Level 22+ scaling has been reduced
    • Death Sentry synergies reduced from 6% to 4%
    • Blade Fury weapon damage reduced from 100% to ¾
    • Blade Fury flat physical damage reduced
    • Lightning Sentry synergies increased from 10% to 12%
    • Lightning Sentry now shoots 12 times instead of 10
    • Chain Lightning Sentry synergies increased from 12% to 15%
    • Chain Lightning Sentry now gains 1 extra damage per level (roughly an 8% damage increase overall)
    • Chain Lightning Sentry starting max damage is now 40 instead of 35
    • Chain lightning Sentry Level 22+ scaling has been increased from 16 to 18
    • Chain lightning Sentry Level 28+ scaling increased from 20 to 22
    • Blade Shields increased weapon damage from ¼ to ¾
    • Blade Shield now lasts 5 minutes at all levels