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unknown date

  • Fixed Area contains ghosts modifiers on maps, previously the ghosts were not dropping loot
  • Fixed Area contains elder vampires modifiers on maps, previously the elder vampires were not dropping loot
  • Avunaos the rotten miniboss (griswold) in tier 3 maps now has the same drop table as any other map boss (this should allow for better tier 3 sustain)
  • Avunaos's two blood golems now have improved loot tables
  • Elder vampires spells damage has been slightly increased
  • Fixed an invisible wall in one of the tier 1 layouts
  • The breakpoint sheet for pluggy was previously bugging sometimes and should hopefully be fixed
  • Torches were on extremely rare cases sometimes dropping from mini ubers and shouldn't anymore, report if it happens (you can even keep the torch if it does just please report it)
  • Griswold's set weapon is no longer missing melee splash (you'll have to find a new one to spawn it with this mod)
  • Json export from numpad 5 should be fixed, let us know