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  • Essences now drop from nightmare bosses as well as hell bosses
  • Meteor synergies now affect its fire damage per second and synergies increased from 4% to 5%
  • Reapers toll has level 16 amp instead of 1
  • Dark pact now gains 10% synergy from iron maiden instead of 6%
  • Warcry on left click
  • Combustion on left click
  • Battlecry on left click
  • Cube recipes should no longer reduce quantity on throwing weapons (use a cube recipe on them to reset the quantity on them otherwise I'm sorry but they're bricked)
  • Positive Map modifiers have been buffed (exp,density,mf)
  • Tier 1 and Tier 2 bosses are slightly less dangerous
  • Monsters health in maps have been reduced by roughly 10-20%
  • Wraith drop rates have been fixed
  • Puzzleboxes were bugged and only granting 2 sockets to bows, they will now work as intended
  • Dolls are bugged and have been creating an explosion on the player instead of the dolls themselves (we apologize) we are working on a fix, in the meantime we have changed the graphic to match and reduced the explosion damage by half
  • Fixed a bug related to Ethereal Items
  • Potentially fixed stacking of keys and organs
  • Thul runes transmute recipe was bugged and is now fixed
  • Organ Drop Rates have been fixed (actually drop now, sorry)
  • You can now cube any three organs
  • Mini Uber Keys Pandemonium Event Transmute Recipe can no longer be used when you don't have the Baal Quest complete resulting in your keys being eaten
  • The Ingredients to spawn Diablo Clone now drop, Beware this is a diablo 2 fight like you've never experienced before and will be very difficult
  • Maggot lair level 2 is now level 85