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Other Info

  • Act 1 mercenaries (Rogue Scouts) now have a baseline 66% pierce chance
  • Mercenaries only have Strength and Dexterity, so items with Vitality or Energy will have no effect. They do have life (of course) but do not have mana - they ignore mana costs when using their skills.
  • Mercenaries will benefit from:
    • +X to All Skills
    • +X to Fire/Cold/Lightning Skills (when applicable)
    • +X to specific skills if they use the skill (e.g. a Barbarian helmet with +3 to Bash for act 5 mercenaries, even though it says Barbarian Only)
Note: Many mercenary skills are now separate versions that are distinct from player skills, so specific skill bonuses from items (such as +3 to Blizzard on Ormus' Robes) won't apply to them.
  • Mercenaries will not benefit from:
    • +X to Class Skills (not even Barbarian mercs with +X to Barbarian Skill Levels)
    • +X to Class Skill Tabs (e.g. +X to Offensive Auras or +X to Combat Skills)