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  • Mercenaries now have the same stats regardless of which difficulty they're hired from, and their scaling has been improved to be more consistent throughout the game.
  • Mercenaries will now always have their auras active and no longer waste attack ticks on trying to activate an aura.
  • Mercenaries have improved AI and will be better at staying within range of the player's character.
  • Desert Guards and Barbarian mercenaries now gain less damage per level.
  • Mercenaries can no longer proc summon skills. (this prevents crashes)
  • Mercenaries inherit the player's Magic and Gold Find when they kill enemies. (e.g. if the merc has 100% MF and the player has 200% MF, the merc's MF on a kill will be 300%)
  • There are now two versions of Act 5 mercenaries. (see differences below)