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Item Additional Ingredients Effect
Arcane Orb Common Map, Jewel upgrades map (common -> magic)
Zakarum Orb Common Map, Jewel, Rune #10+ upgrades map (common -> rare)
Angelic Orb Magic Map, Perfect Skull, Rune #10+ upgrades map (magic -> rare)
Orb of Destruction Magic/Rare Map downgrades map (to common)
Horadrim Orb Rare Map, Perfect Gem, Rune #10+ rerolls rare map
Cartographer's Orb 3 T1/T2 Maps combines 3 maps into one of a higher tier
Horadrim Scarab T3 Map turns a T3 map into a random rare dungeon
Standard of Heroes Map/Dungeon adds Heroic bonuses: +10% Experience, +20% Monster Density, +20% Magic and Gold Find
Worldstone Shard Map corruption
Orb of Fortification Map Reduces base density by 50%.
Monsters have 20% increased damage, 2x health, 2x exp, and drop 2x the loot.
  • Magic maps can be rerolled with the vanilla recipe (3 perfect gems & any magic item)
  • Rare maps can be rerolled with the vanilla recipe (6 perfect skulls & any rare item)
  • The Orb of Fortification does not affect map bosses or events