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  • A Dark Wanderer appears and transforms into a random boss or super unique with increased damage/health, who drops extra Worldstone Shards when killed (up to 3 dark wanderers per map)
  • The Shadow of Mendeln appears and summons waves of undead, with later waves having many champion/elite enemies
  • Horazon appears, and creates a portal to a new map when he dies (same tier or 1 tier higher up to T3, with same map modifiers) - the new map won't have additional events
  • A Treasure Fallen appears and flees from attacks, but drops items when damaged such as gems, runes (Lem and below), maps, and map orbs (up to 3 treasure fallen per map)
  • A Spire of Darkness appears and plunges the zone into darkness when clicked - shadow enemies spawn in the unexplored darkness and have a chance to drop uber keys - the spire will appear relatively close to the entrance