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PD2 Tools & Links
Name Author Description
Installation Guide cory Step-by-step instructions for installing PD2 (source)
PlugY BetweenWalls PlugY with settings adjusted for PD2
PD2-Singleplayer Pack BetweenWalls PlugY item/character pack for singleplayer
Catalog of PD2 Builds pedrob_d Includes descriptions of over 200 builds and variations, with links to over 100 guides (source)
"Portal" Skill Planner BetweenWalls Character skill planner with skill/synergy info up to level 60
Necromancer Pet Calculator ultraover
(Renato Machado)
Necromancer pet calculator, with correct damage calculations from auras and spirits
FilterBird BetweenWalls Filter simulation tool
Item Filter Highlighting multimentha Filter syntax highlighting for Notepad++, screenshot:
Loot Filter Hints TommyC90 Filter syntax highlighting for Visual Studio Code
Runeword Grid BetweenWalls Shows weapon runewords in a grid with runewords on one axis and weapon types on the other axis. Helps visualize which runewords can be used in which bases.
Runeword Calculator & Filter Acien Shows runewords based on selected runes, item types, sockets, and string search (vanilla & pd2)
Affix Calculator Swoosh Shows available affixes for an item based on user-selected inputs - make a copy of the document to use it
Monster Revive Guide perkylaturkey Image guide for reviving monsters (source)
Claw Guide Bagel Image guide for answering "are these white claws worth anything?" (source)
A2 Merc Weapon Comparison Satyrox Image chart for comparing many popular weapons for act 2 mercenaries (source)
BFury/BSentinel Calc Sass Two spreadsheets for calculating Blade Fury/Sentinel damage - to use them, click "file" -> "make a copy" in order to edit your own character's values (source)
PD2-Converter BetweenWalls Converts character/stash files to the most recent season (no need to drop items)
Text Files/Text File Tables PD2 text files (extracted from patch_d2.mpq using MPQ Editor & D2 LoD listfile)