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Name Author Season
A truly comprehensive Dclone guide - Mechanics/Numbers/Strategies Wuslwiz Season 1 (Awakening)
Comprehensive Guide on Summons' Damage - Necromancer Version ultraover (Renato Machado) Season 1 (Awakening)
Act 5 Merc Guide kickbitbeatborg Season 1 (Awakening)
Pathfinding Guide Knoofle Season 2 (Transcendence)
End-Game Basics for PD2 Aygran Season 2 (Transcendence)
Gambling Guide Hastmannen Season 2 (Transcendence)
Shopping Guide Hastmannen Season 2 (Transcendence)
Low Level Duels Item guide clvl 1-30 Hastmannen Season 2 (Transcendence)
Basic Mechanics and Mercenary Guide Mayswan Season 2 (Transcendence)
The practical guide to LLD-crafting rlvl 30 Hastmannen Season 4 (Enlightenment)
Discord Trading Guide ChugThatEstus Season 5 (Ascension)