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Filter Codes

Output Keywords


Text Colors:
Normal vs Glide

These keywords change the color for subsequent text. If absent, the item's default color will be used instead.

Code Color Default Use Hex
%WHITE% White regular items 20
%GRAY% Gray regular items (ethereal or socketed) 1D
%BLUE% Blue magic items, item descriptions 97
%YELLOW% Yellow rare items 6D
%GOLD% Gold unique items, runeword names 53
%GREEN% Green set items 84
%DARK_GREEN% Dark Green 77
%TAN% Tan 5A
%BLACK% Black 00
%PURPLE% Purple 9B
%RED% Red broken/unusable items 62
%ORANGE% Orange crafted items, endgame quest items, runes 60
%CORAL% Coral only works with Glide ?
%SAGE% Sage only works with Glide ?
%TEAL% Teal only works with Glide ?
%LIGHT_GRAY% Light Gray only works with Glide ?