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  1. Which is the best filter for me?
    • There isn't a "best" filter. Different filters are made for different reasons, and vary in terms of how strict they are with the items they show or notify, how much and what kind of extra information they provide, and how they alter the appearance of items. It's difficult to make recommendations without knowing what you're looking for in a filter and people may not be familiar with more than a few filters, so comparing filters yourself may be the best way to find a filter that suits you.
  2. What's the best way to compare different filters?
    • Filters usually include descriptions about how strict they are, what features they have, and how items are displayed. Some even include example images. If that isn't enough, FilterBird can be used to compare most items between filters one-at-a-time, and singleplayer can be used with an item pack and local filter so that the filter can be altered and reloaded in-game to compare any number of items.
  3. If I want to use a customized filter, how do I save my changes?
    • Put the customized filter into ProjectD2\filters\local and select it from "Local" in the launcher. Local filters won't be updated automatically, so if yours is based on a public filter, you may want to follow that filter in case any important changes are made to it.
  4. How do I turn off the filter or go back to original?
    • The filter can be turned off by disabling Advanced Item Display in the in-game settings. To reset everything to default, close the game and launcher, delete the filters folder as well as default.filter and loot.filter in the ProjectD2 folder, and then relaunch the game.
  5. How do I use a filter with PlugY?
    • The same filter configuration you have for multiplayer will also be used for singleplayer. The filter configuration is updated when the game is opened from the launcher - select a filter from the launcher and press Play in order to update it. This also updates the filter itself if you're using a non-local version. Afterward, close the game/launcher and open the game with PlugY.
  6. Will a loot filter from older seasons work in the current season?
    • Unless the older filter was extremely simple, it will likely behave in unexpected and undesireable ways. Using an outdated filter is not recommended.
  7. My settings button is gone
    • Close the game & launcher, delete UI.ini, and then relaunch the game to return the settings button to its default position.
  8. My launcher shows no filters in the list
    • Close the launcher and re-open it. Repeat if they still don't show or if the server/GitHub is down. Also, try whitelisting the launcher and game in your antivirus and/or firewall.
  9. My launcher says "Coming Soon!" for item filters
  10. My filter isn't working
    • Make sure the in-game settings are setup correctly.
    • Use the launcher to select your filter. If you don't use the launcher, these may be common issues:
      • Having two PD2 installations and pasting your filter into the wrong one
      • Saving the filter file with the wrong name (e.g. default.filter.filter, default.txt, or default.filter.txt)
      • Having a PD2 installation inside of a Diablo II folder which is inside another Diablo II folder (folderception!)
      • Not saving and closing the filter file after pasting rules into it
  11. My filter is displaying strange characters for certain items
    • Certain special characters will only be displayed correctly if your filter file is encoded in ANSI rather than the default of UTF-8. Most text editors will allow the encoding to be modified - for example, Notepad++ includes "Encoding" as one of the primary menu options.