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Archived Filters
Filter Updated Author Description
1l4u's Loot Filter 2021-08-12 1l4u Update for season 3. Super strict end game filter.
Baneazy's Loot Filter 2021-08-06 Baneazy A good filter from beginning to end game. It's mostly tailored toward end game but should taper items off from Normal to Hell.
scrollsjay's Loot Filter 2021-04-01 scrollsjay This Loot Filter uses Kryszard's PD2 Loot-Filter for most of it's filter rules. Most changes allow for a briefer appearance of basic items to present a unified look. Full details with screenshots at the repository. Contact me via here
Gothablo's Loot Filter 2021-03-16 Gothablo It is a filter based on the code "Kryszard's PD2 Loot Filter". The main changes are aesthetic elements, but there are a few changes added from me. From the beginning of the game to END GAME, items that we do not need or are of little value are removed. All MAGIC and RARE items should be and identified to check if they are worth to the trader. In addition, the filter code can be easily changed by yourself.
Pj's Loot Filter 2020-12-07 Pj#5884 Pretty strict end-game loot filter. Based loosely on Kryszard's filter with a lot of changes. Hides all normal and exceptional stuff, only shows top-end elite items. Shows all set/unique items but only alerts on exceptional/elite versions. Hides tons of garbage. Only shows full rejuvs/super potions. Heavily commented for clarity. Work in progress, check back frequently for updates.
Luke's late game filter 2020-11-24 Luke My late game filter i updated on fly. No leveling rules. Good as reference if you want to write your own filter. Filter has been updated to be less hostile. Make sure you check for sets, bases, magic and rares. It's not recommended to use it without checking :) (fix all res on paladin shields, show light elite chests (0,3,4 os) 10+ed, show all eth chests (0,3,4 os) 5+ed) Thanks to WolfieeifloW.
PD2 Loot Filter
2020-11-19 Lhaete A filter that preserves the games original aesthetic, and shows Runeword recipes & Magic Crafting recipes on items!
In-Game Screenshots
Rinku's Loot Filter 2020-11-11 Rinku#1352 A basic filter that hides clutter and shows item info at a glance, not much customization, just some QOL :) Definitely not for everyone but I thought I'd share.