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  • New Codes Spoiled for Season 5
    Code Item Details
    lpp Larzuk's Puzzlepiece sockets magic/rare/crafted items (not uniques/sets)
    rkey Skeleton Key unlimited-use key (drops anywhere, 1 in 5 million chance)
    lsvl Vial of Lightsong Makes item Ethereal (drops anywhere, 1 in 7.5 million chance)
    llmr Lilith's Mirror Mirrors items (drops anywhere, 1 in 25 million chance)
    ubaa Sigil of Madawc Uber Ancients ingredient from T1 maps
    ubab Sigil of Talic Uber Ancients ingredient from T2 maps
    ubac Sigil of Korlic Uber Ancients ingredient from T3 maps
    uba Relic of the Ancients Item to access Uber Ancients (created by combining one of each sigil)
    rtp Horadrim Navigator unlimited TP tome
    rid Horadrim Almanac unlimited ID tome
    t14 Royal Crypts Map new T1 map
    t15 Sanatorium Map new T1 map
    t26 Shadows of Westmarch Map new T2 map
    t43 Sanctuary of Sin Map new dungeon
  • FILTLVL and %TIER-X% are new codes that can be used to create multiple filter versions with different strictness levels or other variations (see new category above)
  • STAT486 will refer to whether an item is "mirrored" with Lilith's Mirror (may be useful for preventing cube recipes from showing on mirrored items since they can't be affected by any)