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List of Public Filters

Filters updated for the current season are highlighted green. Older filters are highlighted red.

Filter Updated Author Description
Feather 2022-05-29 BetweenWalls Lightweight, many quality-of-life features, minimal strictness, clean aesthetic
Kryszard's PD2 Loot Filter 2022-04-16
ver 4.7.1
Filter should suit most players needs - It's good for both: leveling and endgame experience. You'll find more info on my GitHub
Reddit discussion thread: Kryszard's PD2 Loot-Filter - Discussion Thread
eqN's PD2 Filters 2022-04-03 (Season 4.5) eqN#7470 A set of filters (Crafters, Relaxed, Strict, and SuperStrict) designed for beginners and veterans alike. Every version is tailored to ensure anything of use always shows based on your class and progress. Useful info about items is in item descriptions: Defense range, weapon speed/range, max sockets, recipes, runewords, and if an item is of high +skills and/or LLD usable. All runes and uniques notify on drop. High runes and valuable items are made easy to see and pick up. Sockets, superior ED %, and staff mods show in item names. Crafting bases are marked/notified.
Wolfie's Filters 2022-04-04 5b93e00 WolfieeifloW#6431 Updated for Season 4! Multiple versions to fit any style - Detailed/Revealed/Compact for less strict, Wolfie for stricter, BT for strictest. Shows/pings all Sets, Uniques, Runes, etc.
Take a look at my Reddit post or join my Discord!
Kassahi's Filter 2022-05-24 Kassahi#6969 Ready For Season 4 Again Enjoy !!!, Also Blame onion For Everything !!!
Equa1ity's PD2 Filter 2022-04-04 equa1ity#7704 ADD RACE LEAGUE FILTER ,rewriting for S5 Many improvements!
TalRasha's PD2 Item Filter 2021-12-23 talrasha#4179 Updated for Season 4 with new Rathma mats, maps, and uniques. Highlights good items in bright colors and adds design elements to names. Shows crafting recipes on magic items and maps. Reveals names of most uniques and sets unidentified.
TheIrateSeagoer's Loot Filter 2021-12-23 TheIrateSeagoer
This filter has all of the values from Arreat Summit listed on the equipment, ensuring you always know the max sockets/max defense of any piece of equipment (with ilvl specific information). Every magic item has the rune needed for the crafting recipes in preparation for their use in season 2. Runes are colored by the difficulty they start to drop in. Every set and unique is alerted by default at low levels. Armors are marked with a perfect and good suffix for their base armor roll. Perfect rolls are denoted with purple information, red denote good rolls.
ElPocoBurrito's Filter 2021-12-23 ElPocoBurrito#0001 S4 Ready A heavily modified version of Wolfie's "Wolfie" filter tailored to be filled with features including some which are absent from many others (like telling you the set name next to the set drop). My philosophy is to be slightly strict and to keep somewhat vanilla looking item names with few exceptions (I make sure to have rare and valuable items stand out). Please give me feedback and comments on discord through DMs or the #lootfilter channel.
RetroCro's Loot Filter 2022-01-29 RetroCro Attempt at an end game strict loot filter. It will hide A LOT of stuff.