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Code Item Appearance
STAT37 Magic Resist +N%
STAT38 +N% to Maximum Magic Resist
STAT39 Fire Resist +N%
STAT40 +N% to Maximum Fire Resist
STAT41 Lightning Resist +N%
STAT42 +N% to Maximum Lightning Resist
STAT43 Cold Resist +N%
STAT44 +N% to Maximum Cold Resist
STAT45 Poison Resist +N%
STAT46 +N% to Maximum Poison Resist
STAT142 Fire Absorb N%
STAT143 +N Fire Absorb
STAT144 Lightning Absorb N%
STAT145 +N Lightning Absorb
STAT146 Magic Absorb N%
STAT147 +N Magic Absorb
STAT148 Cold Absorb N%
STAT149 +N Cold Absorb
STAT333 -N% to Enemy Fire Resistance
STAT334 -N% to Enemy Lightning Resistance
STAT335 -N% to Enemy Cold Resistance
STAT336 -N% to Enemy Poison Resistance
STAT362 +N to Cold Skills
STAT363 +N to Fire Skills
STAT364 +N to Lightning Skills
STAT365 +N to Poison Skills
STAT366 +N to Magic Skills
  • Damage
    Code Item Appearance
    STAT17 +N% Enhanced Damage
    (off-weapon minimum)
    STAT18 +N% Enhanced Damage
    (off-weapon maximum)
    STAT21 Damage: N to Y
    +N to Minimum Damage
    (one-handed weapons)
    STAT22 Damage: X to N
    +N to Maximum Damage
    (one-handed weapons)
    STAT23 +N to Minimum Damage
    (two-handed weapons)
    STAT24 +N to Maximum Damage
    (two-handed weapons)
    STAT25 +N% Damage
    STAT48 Adds N-Y Fire Damage
    STAT49 Adds X-N Fire Damage
    STAT50 Adds N-Y Lightning Damage
    STAT51 Adds 1-N Lightning Damage
    STAT52 Adds N-Y Magic Damage
    STAT53 Adds X-N Magic Damage
    STAT54 Adds N-Y Cold Damage
    STAT55 Adds X-N Cold Damage
    STAT56 Adds X-Y Cold Damage
    N = duration
    STAT57 +X Poison Damage over Y Seconds
    bitrate N = (256X) / (25Y)
    STAT58 +X Poison Damage over Y Seconds
    bitrate N = (256X) / (25Y)
    STAT59 +X Poison Damage over N Seconds
    STAT111 Damage +N
    STAT121 +N% Damage to Demons
    STAT122 +N% Damage to Undead
    STAT159 Damage: N to Y
    +N to Minimum Damage
    (throwing weapons)
    STAT160 Damage: X to N
    +N to Maximum Damage
    (throwing weapons)
    STAT326 +X Poison Damage over Y Seconds
    STAT329 +N% to Fire Skill Damage
    STAT330 +N% to Lightning Skill Damage
    STAT331 +N% to Cold Skill Damage
    STAT332 +N% to Poison Skill Damage
    STAT357 +N% to Magic Skill Damage