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Named Attribute Codes

Code Description Item Appearance Details
SOCK total sockets Socketed (N)
ED enhanced defense/damage +N% Enhanced Defense
+N% Enhanced Damage
refers to defense for armor,
damage for weapons
MAXDUR max durability Increase Maximum Durability N%
AR attack rating +N to Attack Rating
RES all res All Resistances +N
FRES fire res Fire Resist +N%
CRES cold res Cold Resist +N%
LRES lightning res Lightning Resist +N%
PRES poison res Poison Resist +N%
FRW faster run/walk +N% Faster Run/Walk
IAS attack rate +N% Increased Attack Speed
FCR Faster Cast Rate +N% Faster Cast Rate
FHR Faster Hit Recovery +N% Faster Hit Recovery
FBR Faster Block Rate +N% Faster Block Rate
MINDMG minimum damage +N to Minimum Damage
MAXDMG maximum damage +N to Maximum Damage
STR strength +N to Strength
DEX dexterity +N to Dexterity
LIFE max hp +N to Life
MANA max mana +N to Mana
MFIND magic find N% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
GFIND gold find N% Extra Gold from Monsters
MAEK mana per kill +N to Mana after each Kill
DTM damage to mana N% Damage Taken Gained as Mana when Hit
REPLIFE life replenish Replenish Life +N
REPAIR auto-repair Repairs X Durability in Y Seconds N = 100 / Y
ARPER AR bonus N% Bonus to Attack Rating
FOOLS fool's mod +X to Attack Rating (Based on Character Level)
+Y to Maximum Damage (Based on Character Level)
boolean condition

Some attributes (STR, DEX, LIFE, MANA, FRES, CRES, LRES, PRES) can have addition applied between them prior to the condition being evaluated.