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Value Conditions

Info Codes

Code Description Details
GOLD Gold can be hidden, but not modified (always displays as "N Gold")
GEMLEVEL gem quality level 1 - 5 (Chipped-Perfect)
doesn't apply to unstacked Flawless/Perfect gems
GEMTYPE gem type 1 - 7 (Amethyst-Skull)
RUNE rune number 1 - 33 (El-Zod)
QTY quantity
DEF total defense
LVLREQ level requirement
PRICE vendor sell value
ALVL affix level used to determine which affixes can roll for magic/rare/crafted items
CRAFTALVL prospective crafted ALVL what the resulting crafted item's ALVL will be if the item is used as a crafting ingredient by the character
QLVL quality level
ILVL item level
CLVL character level
DIFF difficulty 0 - 2 (Normal-Hell)
MAPID item's initial location 1 - 175 (see details)
SUFFIX item suffix 1 - 849 (see details)
PREFIX item prefix 850 - 1644 (see details)
FILTLVL filter strictness level 1 - 9