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PD2 Items
  • Maps & Arenas
    Code Item Tier
    t11 Ruins of Viz-Jun Map 2
    t12 Horazon's Memory Map 1
    t13 Bastion Keep Map 1
    t14 Sanatorium Map 2
    t15 Royal Crypts Map 2
    t16 Ruined Cistern Map 1
    t21 Phlegethon Map 1
    t22 Torajan Jungle Map 1
    t23 Arreat Battlefield Map 1
    t24 Tomb of Zoltun Kulle Map 3
    t25 Sewers of Harrogath Map 3
    t26 Shadows of Westmarch Map 2
    t31 River of Blood Map 3
    t32 Throne of Insanity Map 3
    t33 Lost Temple Map 1
    t34 Ancestral Trial Map 2
    t35 Blood Moon Map 3
    t36 Fall of Caldeum Map 2
    t37 Pandemonium Citadel Map 3
    t38 Canyon of Sescheron Map 3
    t39 Kehjistan Marketplace Map 3
    t39 Ashen Plains Map 3
    t41 Cathedral of Light Map 4 (dungeon)
    t42 Plains of Torment Map 4 (dungeon)
    t43 Sanctuary of Sin Map 4 (dungeon)
    t61 Desert Duel Arena PvP arena
    t62 Moor Duel Arena PvP arena
  • Uber-Related
    Code Item Details
    uba Relic of the Ancients accesses Uber Ancients
    ubaa Sigil of Madawc Uber Ancients ingredient, from T1 maps
    ubab Sigil of Talic Uber Ancients ingredient, from T2 maps
    ubac Sigil of Korlic Uber Ancients ingredient, from T3 maps
    ubtm Pandemonium Talisman accesses Uber Tristram
    dcma Vision of Terror accesses Diablo Clone
    dcso Prime Evil Soul DClone ingredient, from Hell Diablo/Baal
    dcbl Pure Demonic Essence Diablo Clone ingredient, from map bosses
    dcho Black Soulstone Diablo Clone ingredient, from Uber Tristram
    rtma Voidstone accesses Rathma
    rtmv Splinter of the Void Rathma ingredient, from Mendeln map event
    rtmo Trang-Oul's Jawbone Rathma ingredient, from undead
    rtmf Ancient Bone Fragments Trang-Oul's Jawbone ingredient (legacy)
  • Map Orbs
    Code Item Details
    imma Arcane Orb upgrade map (common -> magic)
    imra Zakarum Orb upgrade map (common -> rare)
    upma Angelic Orb upgrade map (magic -> rare)
    scou Orb of Destruction downgrade map (to common)
    rera Horadrim Orb reroll rare map
    upmp Cartographer's Orb combine maps into a higher tier
    fort Orb of Fortification halves monsters & doubles loot/experience/life
    scrb Horadrim Scarab turns t3 maps into dungeons
  • General-Purpose
    Code Item Details
    wss Worldstone Shard corrupts items
    lbox Larzuk's Puzzlebox sockets items
    lpp Larzuk's Puzzlepiece sockets items (not uniques/sets)
    lmal Larzuk's Malus sockets items (1 socket)
    jewf Jewel Fragments stackable jewel
    lsvl Vial of Lightsong Makes item Ethereal (drops anywhere, 1 in 7.5 million chance)
    llmr Lilith's Mirror Mirrors items (drops anywhere, 1 in 25 million chance)
    rkey Skeleton Key unlimited-use key (drops anywhere, 1 in 5 million chance)
    rtp Horadrim Navigator unlimited TP tome, from Rathma
    rid Horadrim Almanac unlimited ID tome, from Rathma
    cwss Tainted Worldstone Shard corrupts Annihilus, from Rathma
  • Equipment
    Code Item Notes
    rar Cage of the Unsullied Boneweave (uhn doesn't apply, but ARMOR/CHEST do)
    rbe Band of Skulls Troll Belt (utc doesn't apply, but ARMOR/BELT do)
    ram The Third Eye Amulet (amu doesn't apply)