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Quest Items
  • Code Item
    bks Scroll of Inifuss
    bkd Key to the Cairn Stones
    hdm Horadric Malus
    tr1 Horadric Scroll
    ass Book of Skill
    box Horadric Cube
    msf Staff of Kings
    vip Viper Amulet
    hst Horadric Staff
    j34 Jade Figurine
    g34 Golden Bird
    xyz Potion of Life
    g33 Gidbinn
    bbb Lam Esen's Tome
    qbr Khalim's Brain
    qey Khalim's Eye
    qhr Khalim's Heart
    qf1 Khalim's Flail
    qf2 Khalim's Will
    mss Mephisto's Soulstone
    hfh Hellforge Hammer
    ice Malah's Potion
    tr2 Scroll of Resistance
  • Code Item Details
    tes Twisted Essence of Suffering Andariel & Duriel
    ceh Charged Essence of Hatred Mephisto
    bet Burning Essence of Terror Diablo
    fed Festering Essence of Destruction Baal
    toa Token of Absolution
    pk1 Key of Terror Countess
    pk2 Key of Hatred Summoner
    pk3 Key of Destruction Nihlathak
    dhn Diablo's Horn Lilith (uber Andariel)
    bey Baal's Eye Duriel (uber)
    mbr Mephisto's Brain Izual (uber)
  • Unique quest items (not essences/tokens or uber keys/organs) cannot be sold so they have no price