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Code Item Code Item Code Item
r01 El Rune r12 Sol Rune r23 Mal Rune
r02 Eld Rune r13 Shael Rune r24 Ist Rune
r03 Tir Rune r14 Dol Rune r25 Gul Rune
r04 Nef Rune r15 Hel Rune r26 Vex Rune
r05 Eth Rune r16 Io Rune r27 Ohm Rune
r06 Ith Rune r17 Lum Rune r28 Lo Rune
r07 Tal Rune r18 Ko Rune r29 Sur Rune
r08 Ral Rune r19 Fal Rune r30 Ber Rune
r09 Ort Rune r20 Lem Rune r31 Jah Rune
r10 Thul Rune r21 Pul Rune r32 Cham Rune
r11 Amn Rune r22 Um Rune r33 Zod Rune