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Code Item Code Item Code Item Code Item Code Item
gcv Chipped Amethyst gfv Flawed Amethyst gsv Amethyst gzv Flawless Amethyst gpv Perfect Amethyst
gcy Chipped Topaz gfy Flawed Topaz gsy Topaz gly Flawless Topaz gpy Perfect Topaz
gcb Chipped Sapphire gfb Flawed Sapphire gsb Sapphire glb Flawless Sapphire gpb Perfect Sapphire
gcg Chipped Emerald gfg Flawed Emerald gsg Emerald glg Flawless Emerald gpg Perfect Emerald
gcr Chipped Ruby gfr Flawed Ruby gsr Ruby glr Flawless Ruby gpr Perfect Ruby
gcw Chipped Diamond gfw Flawed Diamond gsw Diamond glw Flawless Diamond gpw Perfect Diamond
skc Chipped Skull skf Flawed Skull sku Skull skl Flawless Skull skz Perfect Skull