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Code Item Code Item Code Item Code Item Code Item
rvl Full Rejuvenation Potion hp1 Minor Healing Potion mp1 Minor Mana Potion opl Fulminating Potion gpl Strangling Potion
rvs Rejuvenation Potion hp2 Lesser Healing Potion mp2 Lesser Mana Potion opm Exploding Potion gpm Choking Potion
yps Antidote Potion hp3 Healing Potion mp3 Mana Potion ops Oil Potion gps Rancid Potion
wms Thawing Potion hp4 Greater Healing Potion mp4 Greater Mana Potion
vps Stamina Potion hp5 Super Healing Potion mp5 Super Mana Potion