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Weapon Groups
Code Code Group Details
WP1 AXE Axes includes throwing axes
WP2 MACE Maces
WP3 SWORD Swords
WP4 DAGGER Daggers includes throwing knives
WP5 THROWING Throwing Weapons includes all javelins, throwing potions
WP6 JAV Javelins includes all throwing weapons, all spears, Amazon javelins
WP7 SPEAR Spears includes Amazon spears & all javelins
WP8 POLEARM Polearms
WP9 BOW Bows includes Amazon bows
WP10 XBOW Crossbows
WP11 STAFF Staves
WP12 WAND Wands
WP13 SCEPTER Scepters
WEAPON All weapons includes class-restricted weapons
1H 1-Handed Weapons
2H 2-Handed Weapons

Since WP6 overlaps entirely with both WP5 and WP7 (two very different kinds of weapons), it's rarely useful.