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  • Durability for all weapons has been doubled
  • Some elite weapons have even more durability:
    • +20 durability for some swords (Falcata, Ataghan, Elegant Blade, Hydra Edge, Conquest Sword)
    • +20 durability for Bone Knife
    • +20 durability for some axes (Decapitator, Champion Axe, Glorious Axe)
    • +50% durability for other axes (Tomahawk, Small Crescent, Ettin Axe, War Spike, Berserker Axe, Feral Axe, Silver-edged Axe)
    • +50% durability for spears (Hyperion Spear, Stygian Pike, Mancatcher, Ghost Spear, War Pike)
    • +50% durability for staves (Walking Stick, Stalagmite, Elder Staff, Shillelagh, Archon Staff), additional +50% for Walking Stick