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  • Maximum sockets increased by 1 for several exceptional/elite weapons
    • 1-socket daggers (Poignard, Bone Knife, Rondel, Mithril Point) can now get 2 sockets
    • 2-socket 1x3 weapons that can now get 3 sockets:
      • Axes (Hatchet, Tomahawk)
      • Maces (Cudgel, Truncheon, Flanged Mace, Reinforced Mace)
      • Swords (Gladius, Falcata, Cutlass, Ataghan, Shamshir, Elegant Blade, Tulwar, Hydra Edge)
      • Staves (Jo Staff, Walking Stick)
      • Scepters (Rune Scepter, Mighty Scepter)
      • Claws (Wrist Spike, Fascia, War Fist, Hand Scythe, Battle Cestus)
    • 3-socket two-handed weapons that can now get 4 sockets:
      • Polearms (Lochaber Axe, Ogre Axe)
      • Bows (Edge Bow, Spider Bow)
      • Crossbows (Arbalest, Pellet Bow)
    • 4-socket two-handed axes (Military Axe, Feral Axe) can now get 5 sockets
    • 5-socket Shadow Bow can now get 6 sockets