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Faster Cast/Attack/Run

Affix P/S Attributes Item Type (alvl) Changes
Apprentice S +10% Faster Cast Rate Amulet(5), Circlet(5), Orb(5), Ring(5), Rod(5), Chest(17), Shield(17), Gloves(25), Belt(25) (rlvl 3, 20, 29) added Chest, Shield, Gloves, Belt
Magus S +20% Faster Cast Rate Chest(25), Shield(25), Circlet(29), Orb(29), Rod(29) (rlvl 29, 21) added Chest, Shield, Scepter
Swiftness S +30% Increased Attack Speed Melee WeaponP(34), Missile Weapon(34) (rlvl 26) added Missile Weapon
Quickness S +40% Increased Attack Speed Melee WeaponP(46), Missile Weapon(46) (rlvl 38) added Missile Weapon
Pacing S +10% Faster Run/Walk Boots(12), Circlet(12), Amazon Weapon(12) (rlvl 8) added Amazon Weapon
Haste S +20% Faster Run/Walk Boots(22), Circlet(22), Amazon Weapon(22) (rlvl 16) added Amazon Weapon
Transportation S +30% Faster Run/Walk,
[80-90]% Slower Stamina Drain
Boots(65) (rlvl 57) was magic only
  • Apprentice/Magus can't roll alongside Readiness/Alacrity (Increased Attack Speed) on gloves