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Notes about item groups:

  • Rod includes Staff/Wand/Scepter
  • Blunt Weapon includes all mace subtypes (Club, Tipped Mace, Hammer) and Rods
  • Melee Weapon includes all weapons except Bow/Crossbow/Orb
  • Missile Weapon includes Bow/Crossbow
  • For item types that have throwing versions, those versions are included unless otherwise noted:
    • Spear includes Two-Handed Spear and Javelin
    • Axe includes Non-Throwing Axe and Throwing Axe
    • Knife includes Dagger and Throwing Knife
  • For item types that have class versions, those versions are included alongside non-class versions unless otherwise noted:
    • Helm includes class versions (Barbarian Helm and Druid Helm)
    • Shield includes class versions (Necromancer Shield and Paladin Shield)
    • Bow/Spear/Javelin include their respective class versions (Amazon Bow/Spear/Javelin)
  • Helm excludes Circlet
  • Tipped Mace refers to the Mace subtype and excludes Club/Hammer
  • Item groups followed by a superscript refer to a subset of those groups:
    • GroupNC "Non-Class", excludes class-specific items (Barbarian/Druid Helms, Necromancer/Paladin Shields, Amazon Bows/Spears/Javelins)
    • GroupP   "Physical", excludes traditionally non-physical weapons (Orb, Wand, Staff)
    • GroupPS "Physical+Staff", excludes Orb & Wand