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Remaining Skill Charge Affixes (Not Removed)
Affix P/S Attributes Item Type (alvl)
Life Tap S Level X Life Tap (Y Charges) Necromancer Shield(24[60/6]), Wand(24[60/6]), Knife(24[60/6]), Axe(48[20/3])
Lower Resistance S Level X Lower Resist (Y Charges) Necromancer Shield(36[28/15]), Wand(36[28/15]), Knife(36[28/15]), Staff(72[28/15])
Teleportation S Level X Teleport (Y Charges) Orb(24[30/6]), Staff(24[30/6]), Amulet(48[20/3]), Circlet(48[20/3])
Telekinesis S Level X Telekinesis (Y Charges) Ring(24[20/5])