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Affix P/S Attributes Item Type (alvl) Changes
Elephant S +[0-49] to Life (+0.5 per Level),
+[0-24] to Mana (+0.25 per Level)
Circlet(37), Druid Helm(37) (rlvl 7) was magic only
Memory S +[0-74] to Mana (+0.75 per Level) Amulet(20), Circlet(20), Druid Helm(20) (rlvl 1) was magic only
Bahamut's P +[91-120] to Mana Amulet(45), Circlet(45), Ring(45), Rod(45), Orb(45) (rlvl 37) Amulet, Circlet, Ring, Rod were magic only
Colossus S +[41-60] to Life Amulet(30), Circlet(30), Barbarian Helm(30), Belt(30), Chest(30), Druid Helm(75), Shield(75) (rlvl 22, 67) Druid Helm, Shield were magic only
Squid S +[61-80] to Life Amulet(40), Circlet(40), Barbarian Helm(40), Belt(40), Chest(40), Shield(40) (rlvl 30) was magic only, added Shield
Whale S +[81-100] to Life Amulet(50), Circlet(50), Barbarian Helm(50), Belt(50), Chest(50), Shield(50) (rlvl 37) was magic only, added Shield
Centaur S +[0-74] to Life (+0.75 per Level) Amulet(20), Barbarian Helm(20), Druid Helm(20), Chest(20), Shield(20) (rlvl 1) was magic only, added Shield
Giant S +[10-15] to Strength Amulet(42), Circlet(42), Belt(42), Club(42), Hammer(42), Tipped Mace(55), Chest(55), Ring(55), Scepter(55), Shield(55), Gloves(59), Non-Blunt Melee Weapon(59) (rlvl 34, 47, 51) added Shield
Titan S +[16-20] to Strength Amulet(58), Circlet(58), Belt(58), Club(58), Hammer(58), Tipped Mace(74), Scepter(74), Ring(74), Chest(74), Shield(74) (rlvl 50, 66) added Shield
Precision S +[10-15] to Dexterity Amulet(43), Circlet(43), Missile Weapon(43), Gloves(56), Ring(56), Chest(60), Boots(60), Shield(60) (rlvl 35, 48, 52) Chest, Boots were magic only, added Shield
Perfection S +[16-20] to Dexterity Amulet(59), Circlet(59), Missile Weapon(59), Chest(59), Shield(59), Gloves(75), Ring(75) (rlvl 51, 67) added Chest, Shield
Nirvana S +[21-30] to Dexterity Amulet(72), Circlet(72), Missile Weapon(72) (rlvl 64) was magic only
Enlightenment S +[21-30] to Energy Amulet(41), Circlet(41), Orb(41), Staff(41), Wand(41) (rlvl 33) was magic only