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Flat Damage

Affix P/S Attributes Item Type (alvl) Changes
Craftsmanship S +[1-5] to Maximum Damage Amulet(1[1]), Ring(1[1]), WeaponP(1[1]), Circlet(1-7[1-2];8-14[2-3];15[4-5]), Helm(1-7[1-2];8-14[2-3];15[4-5]) (rlvl 1, 1, 6, 11) added Helm
Quality S +[2-8] to Maximum Damage WeaponP(4[2]), Circlet(23-29[6-7];30[7-8]), Helm(23-29[6-7];30[7-8]) (rlvl 3, 17, 22) added Helm
Maiming S +[3-12] to Maximum Damage WeaponP(7[3-4]), Amulet(42[3-4]), Ring(42[3-4]), Shield(42[3-4]), Circlet(37-44[9-10];45[11-12]), Helm(37-44[9-10];45[11-12]) (rlvl 5, 34, 29, 37) added Helm
Worth S +[1-3] to Minimum Damage WeaponP(1[1-2]), Amulet(15[2-3]), Circlet(15[2-3]), Helm(15[2-3]), Ring(15[2-3]) (rlvl 1, 11) added Helm
Measure S +[3-5] to Minimum Damage WeaponP(12[3-4]), Amulet(37[4-5]), Circlet(37[4-5]), Helm(37[4-5]), Ring(37[4-5]) (rlvl 9, 29) added Helm
Excellence S +[5-9] to Minimum Damage WeaponP(24[5-8]), Amulet(59[6-9]), Circlet(59[6-9]), Helm(59[6-9]), Ring(59[6-9]) (rlvl 18, 51) added Helm
Performance S +[9-14] to Minimum Damage WeaponP(48), Amulet(81[10-13]), Ring(81[10-13]), Circlet(81[10-13]), Helm(81[10-13]) (rlvl 40, 63) Amulet, Circlet, Ring were magic only, added Helm
Carnage S +[11-14] to Maximum Damage WeaponP(19), Helm(71), Circlet(71), Amulet(71), Ring(71) (rlvl 14, 58) added Helm, Circlet, Amulet, Ring
Butchery S +[21-40] to Maximum Damage WeaponP(35) (rlvl 27) was magic only