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Enhanced Damage

Affix P/S Attributes Item Type (alvl) Changes
Supporting P +[10-20]% Enhanced Damage Chest(25), Shield(25) (rlvl 18) new (freq 2)
Reinforcing P +[20-40]% Enhanced Damage Chest(35), Shield(35) (rlvl 28) new (freq 2)
Empowering P +[40-60]% Enhanced Damage Chest(45), Shield(45) (rlvl 38) new (freq 2)
Bolstering P +[60-80]% Enhanced Damage Chest(55), Shield(55) (rlvl 48) new (freq 2)
Fortifying P +[80-120]% Enhanced Damage Chest(65), Shield(65) (rlvl 58) new (freq 2)
Embattled P +[120-160]% Enhanced Damage Chest(75), Shield(75) (rlvl 68) new (freq 2)
Rampaging P +[160-200]% Enhanced Damage Chest(85), Shield(85) (rlvl 78) new (freq 1)
Visceral P +[301-400]% Enhanced Damage Club(75), Tipped Mace(75), Knife(75), Throwing Axe(75), Amazon Javelin(75), Missile Weapon(75) (rlvl 69) new (freq 1)
Grandmaster's P +[151-200]% Enhanced Damage,
+[251-300] to Attack Rating
WeaponP(69), Missile Weapon(69) (rlvl 61) was magic only
Celestial P +[201-300]% Damage to Demons,
+[301-400] to Attack Rating against Demons
WeaponPS(55), Missile Weapon(55) (rlvl 41) was magic only
Divine P +[276-350]% Damage to Undead,
+[326-450] to Attack Rating against Undead
WeaponPS(45), Missile Weapon(45) (rlvl 37) was magic only
Arcadian P +[26-50]% Damage to Demons,
+[51-100] to Attack Rating against Demons
Circlet(15), Helm(15), WeaponPS(15) (rlvl 11) added Helm