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Mana/Life after each Kill and Jewel Affixes

Affix P/S Attributes Item Type (alvl) Changes
Triumphant P +1 to Mana after each Kill Circlet(3), Ring(3), Weapon(3), Helm(3), Shield(3), Chest(3) (rlvl 2) added Helm, Shield, Chest
Aureolic P +[1-3] to Mana after each Kill Jewel(22), Helm(22), Shield(22), Chest(22) (rlvl 16) added Helm, Shield, Chest
Victorious P +[2-5] to Mana after each Kill Circlet(17), Weapon(17), Helm(17), Shield(17), Chest(17) (rlvl 12) added Helm, Shield, Chest
Blood Letting P +1 Life after each Kill Helm(13), Circlet(13), Shield(13), Chest(13), Weapon(13), Ring(13) (rlvl 12) new (freq 3)
Blood Sucking P +[1-3] Life after each Kill Jewel(32), Weapon(32), Ring(32), Helm(32), Shield(32), Chest(32) (rlvl 26) new (freq 2)
Murderous P +[2-5] Life after each Kill Helm(51), Circlet(51), Shield(51), Chest(51), Weapon(51) (rlvl 44) new (freq 1)
Turquoise P +[16-20] to Mana Jewel(29) (rlvl 21) was magic only
Cerulean P +[21-30] to Mana Jewel(49) (rlvl 41) new (freq 2)
Argent P +[61-100] to Attack Rating Jewel(44) (rlvl 36) was magic only
Carnage S +[11-15] to Maximum Damage Jewel(25) (rlvl 18) was magic only
Vermillion P +[11-15] to Maximum Damage Jewel(58) (rlvl 50) was magic only
Ruby P +[31-40]% Enhanced Damage Jewel(66) (rlvl 58) was magic only