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General Balancing

  • Drop rates improved for low-player-count games - nodrop chance when solo is similar to vanilla's /players5 but still scales up to a similar level with full games
  • Flawless gems now start dropping in Act 4 Normal and perfect gems start dropping in Hell
  • Nightmare bosses now drop essences used for Token of Absolution
  • Uber Keys are now also dropped by Blood Raven, Bloodwitch, and Izual
  • The time between Baal's minion waves has been reduced by 50%
  • Many zones have had their zone level raised to 85
  • The 3 red portal zones in Act 5 (Abaddon, Pit of Acheron, Infernal Pit) have had their density increased by 40-50%, and Mausoleum & Crypt have had their density increased by 9%
  • The Maggot Lair and Arcane Sanctuary in Act 2 have wider pathways
  • Lower Kurast no longer has super chests due to their mismatched risk/reward
  • Monsters that die from Chaos Sanctuary seals rather than being killed will no longer drop loot
  • Running no longer hinders block chance or defense
  • Maximum resistances for characters/mercenaries reduced from 95% to 90%
  • Assassins start with two Katars, Barbarians start with two Hand Axes, Druids start with a +1 Firestorm Club, and all starting items are low quality
  • Amazons, Assassins, Barbarians, and Paladins gain an additional 0.5 mana per level
  • Characters have roughly +100% additional starting stamina
  • Stamina Shrines now last half as long and also grant +35% velocity
  • Many effects (shrine buffs, warcries, "Hit Blinds Target") will no longer overwrite or be overwritten by curses or each other
  • The chilled/frozen debuffs now also reduce cast speed alongside run/walk speed and attack speed
  • Antidote/Thawing Potions now grant +25% to Poison/Cold Resist (was 50%) and no longer grant +10% to Maximum Poison/Cold Resist
  • Attackers Take Damage and reflect mechanics now also affect ranged attacks and deal damage when attacked instead of when hit (occurs before hit, so if reflected damage kills the attacker, the attack won't land)
  • Ranged attacks now leech half as much as melee attacks
  • Crushing Blow no longer affects bosses, uniques, or champions when they are below 65% life, and the melee reduction is now the same as the ranged reduction
  • Critical Strike and Deadly Strike rebalanced to improve itemization - they now each cap at 75% instead of 100% and multiply damage by 1.5 instead of by 2
  • Summons and sentries (traps, hydras) are now affected by +% to Elemental Skill Damage
  • Summons (except Fire Golem) are now affected by -% to Enemy Elemental Resistance (half effectiveness)
  • Abilities that reduce monster resistances have been rebalanced and now operate at 1/2 effectiveness when above 99% or below 0% (used to be 1/5 when above 99%)