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  • Widescreen support and improved graphics
  • More characters per account (up to 18) and accounts/characters don't expire
  • Global ladder & interaction, regional servers
  • Lobby games are no longer hidden after progressing to the next difficulty and game difficulty is shown, lobby games can be filtered by name
  • Game name/password/description can be auto-filled and game name can be auto-incremented
  • Games now perm in 2 minutes
  • Game servers have rolling resets every ~4 hours (for stability reasons)
  • Announcements are no longer made every time friends join/exit games (reduces spam)
  • Announcements for ladder accomplishments/deaths (can be muted in-game)
  • Cosmetic rewards for the first 3 players of each class to reach level 99 or defeat uber bosses in each ladder season
  • Trade site
  • Support for ladder/non-ladder "" and singleplayer (including runewords/ubers in singleplayer/non-ladder)
  • No support for non-expansion (classic) or Open "", but singleplayer characters can still be played together with TCP/IP by creating a virtual LAN between computers
  • Messages that begin with "!" will not appear above the character's head (was an attack vector for crashing servers)
  • No tolerance for cheating or unfair practices such as botting, maphack, auto-pickup, or real-money-trading (see the full list of PD2's rules)