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Player versus Player

PvP Changes:

  • Skill PvP damage has been rebalanced
  • New dueling arenas accessible via items which can be purchased from Anya
    • Spectator mode can be toggled by typing .spec or .spectate within the non-combat part of an arena
    • After dying in these arenas, characters revive without needing to retrieve their corpse
Note: Hardcore characters revive in the same way - HC dueling can be done inside PvP arenas without risking characters, but character death is still permanent everywhere else
  • Slow, Knockback (from items), Flat Elemental Absorb, and Attackers Take Damage are disabled in PvP arenas
  • Life replenish is capped at +30 in PvP arenas
  • Stuns in PvP can no longer be reapplied to players who are already stunned, and attacks/hits/spells against stunned players will reduce the stun duration by 2 frames each
  • Regenerating charges (e.g. Blink on Enigma) regenerate 200% faster in PvP arenas