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  • Monsters can now spawn with Concentration, Vigor, or Holy Shock auras
  • Dolls have a small delay before exploding when killed, their explosion has a smaller radius, and it deals less damage
  • Mephisto can now float over the blood moat in Durance of Hate, and the council members in Durance of Hate are closer to Mephisto
  • Andariel and Duriel in Hell difficulty now use the same loot tables as Mephisto and Baal, respectively
  • Uber Key Holders (Countess, Summoner, Nihlathak, Blood Raven, Bloodwitch, Izual) are stronger
  • Uber Ancients have been added
  • Diablo-Clone is much harder and is now accessed with the new Vision of Terror item instead of selling Stones of Jordan
  • Rathma is a new uber boss