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Item Affixes have received several changes, especially for rares. Some notable examples:

  • Elemental damage affixes for charms normalized according to charm size & element type, damage increased
  • +2-4% Poison, Fire, Cold, or Lightning Damage for large charms
  • 3 Sockets for rare chests, shields, weapons
  • 5-20% PDR for chests, shields; 5-10% PDR for belts
  • +10-20% FCR for chests, shields; +10% FCR for gloves, belts
  • +10-200% Enhanced Damage for chests, shields
  • +1 Class Skills for chests, shields, helms
  • 5-30% Deadly Strike, Crushing Blow, or Open Wounds for most weapons
  • +301-400% Enhanced Damage for some lesser-used weapons and bows